ASAGAO AS2K-JP Portable Power Station


AS2K-JP is a portable power supply that realizes 2028Wh large capacity, 2000W high output, and 2-hour high-speed charging while using lithium iron phosphate ion with excellent safety.
Not only as a backup power supply in the event of a disaster, but also as a power supply in various environments such as camping, worcation, van life, vandwelling power supply in a camper van, work power supply for power tools, etc. .. With the high output of
2000W, it is possible to use equipment with high power consumption such as dryers, microwave ovens, and industrial vacuum cleaners, and the pure sine wave AC output can also be used for personal computers and electronic equipment.
Supports automatic switching of 50 / 60Hz according to the input power, manual setting of 50 / 60Hz is also possible, and machine tools with a fixed frequency can also be used.
Charging from 0% to 100% is completed in less than 2 hours by quick charging from a household outlet.
It also supports solar panel charging that can input up to 500W, and can be charged even outdoors without a power supply or during a power outage.

[AS2K-JP Product Overview]

Product Name / Model Number AS2K-JP
EAN Code 6972170016690
Product Size 392 mm (L) x 279 mm (W) x 323 mm ( H)
Product weight 22.0kg
Battery capacity 2,028Wh
Charging input AC input: 100 ~ 120V 50 / 60Hz Rating 1,100W
MPPT input: 10 ~ 50V 20A or less Up to 500W
AC output 100 / 120V 50 / 60Hz (automatic switching) Rating 2,000W (surge 4,000W)
Pure sine wave overload / short circuit protection function installed
USB quick port 18W quick charge compatible x 2
USB port USB-A (5V 2.4A) x 2
DC port 12V / 3A x 2
XT60 output 12V / 25A
ACC output 12V / 15A
Standby current <500μA
Operating temperature range- 10 ℃ -40 ℃
Environmental humidity ≤ 90% RH

Cell type lithium iron phosphate ion
Battery pack rated capacity 2,028Wh

< Package contents>
Portable power supply body-AC power cable-Instruction manual-Solar panel connection cable
(1) High output of up to 2,000W
It can be used not only for microwave ovens and dryers, but also for electric appliances with high power consumption such as commercial power tools and construction vacuum cleaners.
AC output (50 / 60Hz automatic / manual switching) is a pure sine wave and can be used for personal computers and electronic devices.
It can also be used as an emergency power source for EV vehicles.

(2) Large capacity of 2,000Wh
Can be used as a backup power source for various devices such as household refrigerators and communication infrastructure in the event of a disaster, as well as medical refrigerators that require temperature control. increase.
With a large capacity, you can use electrical appliances without starting the engine when staying in the car, making it ideal for wobbing and glamping.

(3) High safety
The battery cell uses iron phosphate, which is becoming more and more popular in high-end EV in-vehicle batteries.
Since the crystal structure is more stable than the commonly used NCA system and ternary system, the risk of ignition due to breakage or crushing is extremely low.

(4) Both high performance and cost saving
Improved the low energy density of conventional iron phosphate lithium-ion batteries. It has been raised to a level comparable to other lithium-ion batteries.
In addition, because it does not use cobalt, a rare metal used in other lithium-ion batteries, it is environmentally friendly and the price can be kept down.

(5) Fully charged in less than 2 hours
Quickly charge at 1,100W from a household outlet.
From 0 to 100%, charging is completed in less than 2 hours, and it is possible to respond quickly even in an emergency.

(6) Supports solar charging and charging from a car
If two genuine solar panels (sold separately) are connected in series, a maximum of about 400W (theoretical value, solar input of AS2K-JP main unit) Can be charged with a maximum of 500W).
You can also use the ACC charging cable (sold separately) to charge the vehicle while driving from the ACC accessory power supply.

(7) Simultaneous power supply to up to 16 devices
Equipped with ACx6, USB-Ax2 / USB-A (quick charge) x2 / USB-Cx2, DCx2, ACC socket x1, XT60x1 output ports doing.
(8) Equipped with pass-through & automatic built-in power switching function
General portable power supplies have many specifications that charge the built-in battery and at the same time supply power to connected devices, so the load on the battery cannot be avoided. Hmm.
AS2K-JP is capable of direct AC output (pass-through) to connected devices without going through the built-in battery when the main unit is 100% charged.
Also, when AC input to the main unit is stopped in the pass-through state, it automatically switches to AC output from the main unit's built-in battery in just 10ms (milliseconds).

(9) Long life with more than 2,000 charge / discharge cycles
The lithium iron phosphate battery used by AS2K-JP is a conventional NCA system or ternary system. It has excellent thermal stability, has a full charge / discharge cycle of 2,000 times, and has a long life with a remaining capacity of 80%.

(10) Works well even at low temperatures
Even if the operating temperature range is widely stated in the portable battery, when the temperature actually reaches around 0 ° C, it discharges at low temperatures. There are some models whose capacity decreases sharply and almost stops working.
The operating temperature range of AS2K-JP is -10 ° C to 40 ° C. In order to accurately grasp the performance in actual use, we have repeatedly conducted operation tests in the high and low temperature chambers to confirm the actual operating temperature range (results in the experimental environment).

(11) Conforms to international safety standards
AS2K-JP complies with international standards such as FCC, CE, RoHS, IEC61000, UN38.3. We have achieved world-class safety performance and are striving to provide better products to the world.

(12) Complete support system
Portable power supplies are generally sold domestically by import trading companies, so there are many cases where there is no support or inquiry window in Japan.
AS2K-JP has a support desk in Japan by Japanese staff. In addition, you can use it with confidence with a long-term warranty of 2 years after purchase.
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ASAGAO AS2K-JP Portable Power Station