ASAGAO AS2K-JP Portable Power Station


AS2K-JP is a portable power supply that realizes 2028Wh large capacity, 2000W high output, and 2-hour high-speed charging while using lithium iron phosphate ion with excellent safety.
Not only as a backup power supply in the event of a disaster, but also as a power supply in various environments such as camping, worcation, van life, vandwelling power supply in a camper van, work power supply for power tools, etc. .. With the high output of
2000W, it is possible to use equipment with high power consumption such as dryers, microwave ovens, and industrial vacuum cleaners, and the pure sine wave AC output can also be used for personal computers and electronic equipment.
Supports automatic switching of 50 / 60Hz according to the input power, manual setting of 50 / 60Hz is also possible, and machine tools with a fixed frequency can also be used.
Charging from 0% to 100% is completed in less than 2 hours by quick charging from a household outlet.
It also supports solar panel charging that can input up to 500W, and can be charged even outdoors without a power supply or during a power outage.

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