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2,000Wh large capacity, fully charged within 2 hours


Up to 16 ports can be used simultaneously


Applied to computer/electronic equipment/dryer/microwave oven etc.


Lightweight and portable, easy to use

ASAGAO AS2K-JP Portable Power Station

AS2K-JP is a portable power station, which uses highly safe LiFePO₄ battery with 2028Wh large capacity, supports 2000W high power output, and can realize fast charging in 2 hours.

AS2K-JP can be used not only as standby power supply in case of natural disasters, but also as operating power supply for camping/office, living power supply in RVs, etc. It can also be used as working power supply for electric tools, etc.,

It can be used in high power consumption equipment such as dryers, microwave ovens and industrial vacuum cleaners due to its high output of 2000W.Its sine wave AC output can also be used by PC and electronic equipment.

In addition, this product also supports solar charging with a maximum input power of 500W, so as to ensure that it can be charged outdoors without power supply or in case of power failure.

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200W Foldable Portable Solar Charging Panel

It can perform high-power fast charging for AS2K-JP products due to its high output of 200W, which is cost-effective.

The foldable design for easy storage and portability makes large panels easy to store and move. It can be folded into 4 compartments for easy storage even in tight spaces.

Equipped with bracket: The solar charging panel is equipped with a bracket on the back, which can be installed even in a flat place without any support. No need to worry about placement.

Adopting safe and reliable MC4 connector: The universal MC4 connector can be used for easy, fast and safe connection.

2 solar charging panels in series can achieve 400W high power output. The output power of one solar charging panel is 200W. If two solar panels are connected in series, a high-power output of 400W can be achieved, making charging fast. (This 400W is a theoretical value. The measured value is about 380W, which will vary slightly depending on the weather conditions).

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