200W Foldable Portable Solar Charging Panel

¥99,900 ¥69,900

Portable solar panel
Foldable for convenient storage and carrying!

High output of 200W.
If two solar panels are connected in series,
can be fully charged with a maximum of 400W and a minimum of about 5 hours.

The installation stand on the back of the solar panel
can be installed even on a flat place with nothing.
You don't have to worry about where to lean.

Main specifications

Output power: 200W Current: 10.2A

Voltage: 19.2V

Expanded size: about 2360 x 540 x 10mm

Folded size: about 540 x 530 x 50mm

Weight: about 6 kg

1: 200W output enables fast charging of AS2K-JP products with high-cost performance.

2: The foldable design for easy storage and portability makes large panels easy to store and move. It can be folded into 4 compartments for easy storage even in tight spaces.

3: Equipped with bracket: The solar charging panel is equipped with a bracket on the back, which can be installed even in a flat place without any support.

4: Adopting safe and reliable MC4 connector: The universal MC4 connector can be used for easy, fast and safe connection.

5: 2 solar charging panels in series can achieve 400W high power output. The output power of one solar charging panel is 200W. If two solar panels are connected in series, a high-power output of 400W can be achieved, making charging fast. (This 400W is a theoretical value. The measured value is about 380W, which will vary slightly depending on the weather conditions).

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200W Foldable Portable Solar Charging Panel

¥99,900 ¥69,900