5m extension cable for solar charging panel (a set)


Solar panel extension cable (set of 2)

Model: ASEC5-JP

EAN coat: 6972170019950

■ Current: 20A ■ Voltage: 600V ■ Length: Approximately 5m

[Compatible portable power supply]: AS2K-JP

The cable is 5m long, providing multi-scenario installation of solar charging panels. Installing solar charging panels requires a lot of space. You can use this extension cable to install the solar charging panel a little further away when there is not enough space.

One for + and one for -, two in total (one set).

Simply select the corresponding connector for each terminal for easy installation.

Use MC4 to achieve reliable connection.

Use MC4 terminal to safely and reliably connect the product to the solar charging panel and the solar charging panel cable installed on the AS2K-JP host.

[ASEC5-JP product overview]

Cable length: about 5m

± x 1, a total of 2 cables (set)

MC4 terminal

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5m extension cable for solar charging panel (a set)