Solar panel 2 way cable Y-type(a set)


ASSP200-JP A bifurcated cable for connecting two solar panels in parallel with the AS2K-JP main unit.

Connect the ± each cable connector of the two solar panels to the corresponding bifurcated cable, and then connect to the solar connection cable that comes with the AS2K-JP main unit.
Since the light receiving area can be doubled, it is possible to improve the power generation efficiency in an environment with poor light receiving conditions such as light cloudiness.

[Specification information]
MC4 connector, cable length approx. 30 cm, ± 1 set of 2 each

[Product Model] ASYC-JP

[EAN] 6972170019998

[Colour] Black

[Length] 0.3m

1: In case of insufficient light, two solar charging panels can be connected in parallel to double the light-receiving area and improve the charging efficiency.

2: Support 30A, 1000V Max. Applied to connect two genuine solar charging panels ASSP200-JP in parallel to charge AS2K-JP products.

3: One cable for + and one for -, two cables in total (a set). (For + and -, also each one terminal of the solar charging panel connection cable on the AS2K-JP host connection side).

4: Use MC4 terminal to connect the product to the solar charging panel safely and reliably.

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Solar panel 2 way cable Y-type(a set)