Charging precautions

Charging Precautions for ASAGAO AS2K-JP
Thank you for purchasing Asagao Japan GK AS2K-JP.

Please be sure to read before using.

1. After opening, charge the AS2K-JP main unit immediately before use.

The AS2K-JP main unit is shipped with the charge capacity reduced to a certain level (discharged) due to restrictions on the transportation of iron phosphate batteries.
* All products are tested from full charge to full discharge multiple times before shipping.

2. To charge AS2K-JP, connect it directly to the main unit from a wall outlet to which no other electrical appliances are connected.

AS2K-JP has a large power of 1100W and completes charging in a short time. The power capacity of household power outlets and cable taps (extension cords) is 1500W. For this reason, if you use an electric appliance that consumes more than 400 W from the same outlet as the AS2K-JP charge, your home breaker may trip, or if you use a cable tap without a safety device, the cable or connector may melt due to overcurrent. , There is a possibility of ignition. Also, even if the wall outlet has two or more connection ports, there is only one system inside, so do not use other electrical appliances while charging the AS2K-JP main unit.
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